• Riviera Dourada

    The Riviera Dourada is not a closed condominium, but several house. It is a vertical development, and much more. There is a neighborhood, and more than that. This is a real estate project on a scale never seen in the Brazilian Northeast.

    Facilities for investing. All the best: immediately.

    • Environmental licenses;
    • Greater flexibility in the approval of the projects, considering the environmental approvals already granted for the enterprise;
    • Fully georeferenced area and registered with the registry of property;
    • Agility in the negotiations: the area with 100% of a only one owner engaged in the decisions;
    • All environmental constraints mapped and defined, including all geophysical surveys for the area;
    • Project designed within all standards of sustainability, with social and environmental work being carried out over 20 years;
    • Master Plan throughout the area covering their various uses and urban parameters;
    • Support of State and Municipal Governments;
    • Uses and approved urban requirements;
    • Safe and orderly planned development in the region, since all areas already have definitions of use;
    • Opportunity to develop various products targeted to the existing demand.